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This article includes illustration example essay topics for all kinds of subjects, and specifically for sports and healthcare. You can find more such topics over the Internet.

Topics for Illustration Essay That You Can Use as Such or Improvise

Illustration essays are commonly assigned to students as writing tasks in colleges. You don’t know what subject you may be required to illustrate in the exam, so it’s advisable to search for good illustration essay topics and brainstorm key facts and details relevant to them in advance. To help you with that, we have generated an illustration essay topics list with different good options. Take a look at them below:

Illustrate how a wedding hall is decorated.
Show how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.
Illustrate how lowering the temperature changes the consistency of cream.
Elaborate how adding vinegar in milk separates cheese from whey
Exemplify the effects of bullying in school on child psychology.

A Good Example and Illustration Essay Topics for Sports

Sports is a popular theme for illustration essays because they involve proper mechanisms. Not only are sports played with tactics, but also the playgrounds or pitches are prepared according to a defined set of criteria. When you get an illustrative essay related to sports to write, you may have to elaborate the techniques so that the reader can understand the tactics used by players while making different moves. Below, you will find a list of illustration essay topics revolving around the theme of sports:

Explain how using a treadmill strengthens calf-muscles.
Illustrate the process of doing a baton handoff while track racing.
Elaborate how to dive in 20 feet deep water.
Detail the differences between competitive cheerleading and cheer.
Show the correct way to bounce a curve ball.
Explain how a stadium pitch is set up for a cricket match.

Examples of Topics for Healthcare Related Illustration Essays

Healthcare is another very important theme for these essays. Different operative procedures involve steps that require illustration, so essays may contain pictures, charts, and graphs to completely convey the sense to the reader. Here are interesting topics for illustration essays on healthcare:

Illustrate the process of diagnosing skin cancer.
Explain how to massage the knees for curing joint pain.
Elaborate the process of chemotherapy to cure throat cancer.
Illustrate the stages of pregnancy.
Illustrate how to bathe a new-born.

Want More Great Topics? – Use These Sources

Just like we’ve just given you illustration essay example topics related to sports, you can find many more topics about all sorts of themes ranging from weather to health over the Internet. A simple search with keywords ‘examples of illustration essay topics’ on Google will take you to innumerable pages containing them.

If you are preparing for exams and your teacher is likely to give you an illustration essay to write like he/she assigned you those essays as homework before, try to find past exam papers. You may contact your seniors for help in this regard. Prepare all illustration essays that have appeared in exam papers before.