You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped Butte Creations become a reality.


Serving all lovers of western style. Every handmade order is created using traditions passed down through the family to ensure your high quality treasure will last.

~Crystal Cooper
Butte Creations CEO

I am Crystal, a beading and bag artist celebrating traditions passed down to me through my family. What began as a hobby many years ago, I am now sharing with you to bring a bit of authentic family tradition into your world so that we, together, can celebrate a rich culture full of proud traditions, gorgeous inspiration, and free spirits. Let your spirit soar to the past and beyond with Butte Creations.

Traditions passed down through family ring true to hearts everywhere. I used to spend hours on end with my grandmother learning the arts of my heritage. We would spend so much time laughing over a beading loom or working with deerskin to create unique, gorgeous, one of a kind bags. These were some of my fondest memories growing up and I cherish them today.

I have always been very family focused and had an inherent interest in the rich heritage I share with the people of this great land. Before I received the encouragement and the desire to share my art with all of you, I worked in a boring 9-5 job like many in customer service. There was always this call on my heart to share family tradition, and the art that my grandmother gave me.

In 2013 my dream became a reality as I opened the doors to Butte Creations and began to create functional art pieces for the wild at heart, and for those who have a fondness for tradition and heritage. It was one of the most heart-pounding moments putting myself out there like that. I have never looked back though, as I get to create, and share amazing unique pieces from my heart to yours.

Sewing and beading for me is an expression of not only my heritage but of my soul. It speaks to me and I hope it speaks to you. It was something I was always meant to share with all of you out there.

My grandmother instilled a love of deerskin in me and that is my “primary” canvas. The soft supple feel of deerskin; there is just nothing like it in the world. She used to tell me that each skin has its own story with its scars and stitching. Using the finest of leather and bead materials, I enhance that story, adding to it and embellishing it; filling it out ‘till it is a unique, sturdy, and complete novel. I love giving you that story so that you can inherit that bit of wild heritage and cherish it as I have.

Butte Creations allows me to share the passion I have for traditional techniques and heritage, as well as the flexibility to spend time with my husband and two children, who are important to me as I know yours are to you. I get to spend time looking into our genealogy, enjoying the great out-doors in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona where we live, and be a mom. I am not only blessed by a wonderful family who supports me and my vision. I am blessed to share what I love with all of you.

Start a tradition this year to embrace your heritage and to start new ones this year. Treat yourself or the ones you love with artisan quality hand cheart. Let Butte Creations be a part of your family’s customs as you pass on these cherished pieces from rafted beadwork and deerskin bags that celebrate the wild at heart. Let Butte Creations be a part of your family’s customs as you pass on these cherished pieces from mother to daughter, father to son, generation to generation. Create family memories that celebrate your traditions and heritage every moment.