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Are you struggling to find good persuasive essay topics? Through this guide, you shall learn about effective ways of picking a topic. Furthermore, you shall receive quality examples you can use in your paper.

Your Ultimate Guide On Finding Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay, also known as an argumentative composition is a type of paper whereby the writer is supposed to give a balanced analysis of a topic via examples, expert opinion, and facts from external literary sources. The author needs to highlight an argument he or she supports followed by a counter-argument. The aim is to convince the reader to take the writer’s stance.
This type of essay can be confusing to many students. Some of them do not know how to make a claim and give an opposing argument. As such, they end up scoring low marks in such papers. For this reason, proper guidance is necessary if the student’s desire to succeed in these papers.
To find suitable college persuasive essay topics, a student needs to read widely. Written sources such as newspapers, journals and magazines can be a very helpful source of information. Through them, the students can get to know about current affairs and discover various contentious issues that cause much heated debate.
Academic sources such as textbooks, coursework, and peer-reviewed sources are also rich in knowledge. Better still, students can consult their tutors and get assistance on coming up with a topic as well as an appropriate thesis statement.
Lastly, the student can hire online writing assistance. Through this method, he or she can find top-rated writers with the requisite experience in drafting such kinds of papers. Most online writing companies provide quality and affordable writing assistance. Through them, you can find easy persuasive essay topics.

Examples of Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

To come up with funny topics for your essay you need to have some sense of humor. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good sense of humor. The following are examples of humorous essay topics.
Ways of becoming the most effective procrastinator
Common excuses for not submitting homework on time
Techniques of making others do your homework on your behalf
Ways of becoming a good liar
As a middle school student, you might also need some help in choosing a topic. The following are good examples of persuasive essay topics middle school.
Ways in which beauty contests are detrimental to body image
Reasons why pets not be allowed in schools
The ideal voting age
High students also experience challenges in selecting a topic. Below are some examples of persuasive essay topics for high school:
Reasons why all athletes should undergo drug tests regularly
The role media plays in sports
Reasons why college and high school athletes should be paid
Finally, some quality persuasive essay topics for college are as follows:
The importance of corporal punishment in school.
Traditional vs. modern education
Benefits of e-learning over traditional forms of education
The above-mentioned tips and topic samples are expertly composed and would thus help you in crafting a good topic for your paper.