We offer you a list of unique technology argumentative essay topics. You may create more topics by replacing keywords with similar terms. More can be found in the web-links.

Technology Essay Topics Argumentative – Creative Ideas

Technology essays are growing in popularity these days. Owing to the increasing influence of technology on society and our modern life, teachers want to inculcate a deep sense of all aspects of technology in the students. As the name indicates, these are essays that revolve around some form of technology. The topics we suggest enable you to look at technology from unique perspectives, and realize it’s omnipresence. If you want good ideas, here are argumentative essay topics on technology:

Has Instagram affected the use of Facebook?
Is it possible to ever completely deter cyber-bullying?
Mobile apps are great tools for learning.
Smartphone games are good for cognitive development of children.
People bullying others on social media should be sued.
Has technology affected marriage?
Is it important to censor the content on Twitter?
Are we becoming slaves of technology?
Employers have a right to review employees’ posts on Facebook.
Can we trust Yelp reviews?
High-school students should be allowed to have mobile phones in classrooms.
Textbooks should be replaced by tablets.
Can legally binding contracts be formed on social networks?
Can text messages be as effective as face-to-face conversations?
Google shapes opinions of people.
Lasting relationships can be started in chat rooms.

Some More Vital Argumentative Essay Topics About Technology

With use of pathos, logos, and egos, argumentative essays can be made convincing. The point of writing these essays is to shape the minds of the audience. In addition to the above topics, here are some technology persuasive essay topics that can also be considered as argumentative subjects:

Education should be more technology-oriented.
Employers should provide free training of software to new employees.
All vehicles should be replaced by hybrid cars.
Solar energy can suffice all our needs.
Chips can control our minds.
The age of digital explosion is near.
Artificial intelligence is being progressed against nature.
Clones are not complete replacement of the original living organisms.
Use of laptops instead of desktop computers improves productivity.

You have the option of using these essay topics technology exactly as you see them here, or change them a bit. You can replace keywords to form more topics yourself. For example, you may decide to write an essay on censorship on Facebook in place of Twitter. Likewise, rather than talking about people’s slavery of technology, you can identify a particular form of technology e.g. smartphones. You can also change the word ‘Google’ with ‘Facebook’ and say that it shapes people’s opinions.

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