Tips on How to Composing Persuasive Essay Topics

Are you struggling to find good persuasive essay topics? Through this guide, you shall learn about effective ways of picking a topic. Furthermore, you shall receive quality examples you can use in your paper.

Your Ultimate Guide On Finding Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay, also known as an argumentative composition is a type of paper whereby the writer is supposed to give a balanced analysis of a topic via examples, expert opinion, and facts from external literary sources. The author needs to highlight an argument he or she supports followed by a counter-argument. The aim is to convince the reader to take the writer’s stance.
This type of essay can be confusing to many students. Some of them do not know how to make a claim and give an opposing argument. As such, they end up scoring low marks in such papers. For this reason, proper guidance is necessary if the student’s desire to succeed in these papers.
To find suitable college persuasive essay topics, a student needs to read widely. Written sources such as newspapers, journals and magazines can be a very helpful source of information. Through them, the students can get to know about current affairs and discover various contentious issues that cause much heated debate.
Academic sources such as textbooks, coursework, and peer-reviewed sources are also rich in knowledge. Better still, students can consult their tutors and get assistance on coming up with a topic as well as an appropriate thesis statement.
Lastly, the student can hire online writing assistance. Through this method, he or she can find top-rated writers with the requisite experience in drafting such kinds of papers. Most online writing companies provide quality and affordable writing assistance. Through them, you can find easy persuasive essay topics.

Examples of Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

To come up with funny topics for your essay you need to have some sense of humor. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good sense of humor. The following are examples of humorous essay topics.
Ways of becoming the most effective procrastinator
Common excuses for not submitting homework on time
Techniques of making others do your homework on your behalf
Ways of becoming a good liar
As a middle school student, you might also need some help in choosing a topic. The following are good examples of persuasive essay topics middle school.
Ways in which beauty contests are detrimental to body image
Reasons why pets not be allowed in schools
The ideal voting age
High students also experience challenges in selecting a topic. Below are some examples of persuasive essay topics for high school:
Reasons why all athletes should undergo drug tests regularly
The role media plays in sports
Reasons why college and high school athletes should be paid
Finally, some quality persuasive essay topics for college are as follows:
The importance of corporal punishment in school.
Traditional vs. modern education
Benefits of e-learning over traditional forms of education
The above-mentioned tips and topic samples are expertly composed and would thus help you in crafting a good topic for your paper.

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Interesting and Important Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

All kinds of essay topics for middle school – persuasive, informative, cause and effect, expository, argumentative, and problem-solution essay topics. More are available online.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School – All Kinds

To learn about different types of topics for essays is important. You want to prepare for exams and don’t want to miss out any topics. Here are some ideas for persuasive essays. You’ll also find topics for other kinds of essays in this article:

All internships should be paid.
There should be open-book exams in middle schools.
Students should be given more holidays.
Knowing how to cook is important.
Vegetables should be cultivated at home.

In addition to these topics, you can find many other topics online. Just type the kind of essays you want to find topics for in the search bar. Quickly, you’ll access thousands of subjects.

Good Informative Essay Ideas for Middle School

Informative essays have a huge educational significance. They elaborate processes, devise useful practices to solve issues, and convey statistics and facts. Interesting informative essay topics for middle school are as follows:

How laptops are made.
Best instructional practices in multicultural classrooms.
Overcrowded prisons.
Global warming as a potential threat to survival
Importance of day-care centers for healthy child psychology.

Excellent Ideas for Cause and Effect Essays at Middle School Level

Cause and effect essays identify factors causing a certain phenomenon. Events and circumstances are linked to both the instigating elements, and their impacts on culture, society, economy or any other dimension are elaborated. Some cause and effect essay topics for middle school are here:

Factors behind rise in teenage pregnancy and its economic impact.
Causes of mass terminations in the UAE and its impact on global economy.
Child sexual abuse as the cause of eating disorders.
Factors responsible for the increase in homelessness in the US.
Effect of global warming on glaciers.

Ideas of Expository Essays Suitable for Middle School

Expository essays use facts to illustrate topics. The tone of writer is neutral rather than opinionated. They involve investigation into a matter. Here are some good expository essay topics for middle school:

Effects of smoking cigarettes on lungs.
Why it rains so heavily in the Amazon Forest.
Benefits of the No Child Left Behind policy.
The effect of yoga on mind.
Poverty in Africa.

Some Middle School Level Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays reflect the stance of a writer on a subject. The writer uses facts to get the point across and also refutes counterarguments with concrete points against them. Some excellent argumentative essay topics for middle school students are as follows:

Is taking photos of random people with a mobile ethical?
Is it fair for a white teacher to consider the children of color in a classroom different?
Should students have a say in the selection of curriculum content?
Should girls be worried about body image?
Are reality TV shows all real?

5 Best Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

Problem solution essays are another very important genre of writing projects. They are good source of information and can be used to take ideas for solving practical issues. Some sample how to essay topics for middle school are shown below:

How to address resistance to change in an organization.
How to prepare for exams.
How to shop in a budget.
How to dress up for an interview.
How to address the needs of autistic children in a classroom.

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Illustration Essay Topics – Good Choices and Places to Find More

This article includes illustration example essay topics for all kinds of subjects, and specifically for sports and healthcare. You can find more such topics over the Internet.

Topics for Illustration Essay That You Can Use as Such or Improvise

Illustration essays are commonly assigned to students as writing tasks in colleges. You don’t know what subject you may be required to illustrate in the exam, so it’s advisable to search for good illustration essay topics and brainstorm key facts and details relevant to them in advance. To help you with that, we have generated an illustration essay topics list with different good options. Take a look at them below:

Illustrate how a wedding hall is decorated.
Show how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.
Illustrate how lowering the temperature changes the consistency of cream.
Elaborate how adding vinegar in milk separates cheese from whey
Exemplify the effects of bullying in school on child psychology.

A Good Example and Illustration Essay Topics for Sports

Sports is a popular theme for illustration essays because they involve proper mechanisms. Not only are sports played with tactics, but also the playgrounds or pitches are prepared according to a defined set of criteria. When you get an illustrative essay related to sports to write, you may have to elaborate the techniques so that the reader can understand the tactics used by players while making different moves. Below, you will find a list of illustration essay topics revolving around the theme of sports:

Explain how using a treadmill strengthens calf-muscles.
Illustrate the process of doing a baton handoff while track racing.
Elaborate how to dive in 20 feet deep water.
Detail the differences between competitive cheerleading and cheer.
Show the correct way to bounce a curve ball.
Explain how a stadium pitch is set up for a cricket match.

Examples of Topics for Healthcare Related Illustration Essays

Healthcare is another very important theme for these essays. Different operative procedures involve steps that require illustration, so essays may contain pictures, charts, and graphs to completely convey the sense to the reader. Here are interesting topics for illustration essays on healthcare:

Illustrate the process of diagnosing skin cancer.
Explain how to massage the knees for curing joint pain.
Elaborate the process of chemotherapy to cure throat cancer.
Illustrate the stages of pregnancy.
Illustrate how to bathe a new-born.

Want More Great Topics? – Use These Sources

Just like we’ve just given you illustration essay example topics related to sports, you can find many more topics about all sorts of themes ranging from weather to health over the Internet. A simple search with keywords ‘examples of illustration essay topics’ on Google will take you to innumerable pages containing them.

If you are preparing for exams and your teacher is likely to give you an illustration essay to write like he/she assigned you those essays as homework before, try to find past exam papers. You may contact your seniors for help in this regard. Prepare all illustration essays that have appeared in exam papers before.

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Best Technology Essay Topics – Argumentative and Persuasive

We offer you a list of unique technology argumentative essay topics. You may create more topics by replacing keywords with similar terms. More can be found in the web-links.

Technology Essay Topics Argumentative – Creative Ideas

Technology essays are growing in popularity these days. Owing to the increasing influence of technology on society and our modern life, teachers want to inculcate a deep sense of all aspects of technology in the students. As the name indicates, these are essays that revolve around some form of technology. The topics we suggest enable you to look at technology from unique perspectives, and realize it’s omnipresence. If you want good ideas, here are argumentative essay topics on technology:

Has Instagram affected the use of Facebook?
Is it possible to ever completely deter cyber-bullying?
Mobile apps are great tools for learning.
Smartphone games are good for cognitive development of children.
People bullying others on social media should be sued.
Has technology affected marriage?
Is it important to censor the content on Twitter?
Are we becoming slaves of technology?
Employers have a right to review employees’ posts on Facebook.
Can we trust Yelp reviews?
High-school students should be allowed to have mobile phones in classrooms.
Textbooks should be replaced by tablets.
Can legally binding contracts be formed on social networks?
Can text messages be as effective as face-to-face conversations?
Google shapes opinions of people.
Lasting relationships can be started in chat rooms.

Some More Vital Argumentative Essay Topics About Technology

With use of pathos, logos, and egos, argumentative essays can be made convincing. The point of writing these essays is to shape the minds of the audience. In addition to the above topics, here are some technology persuasive essay topics that can also be considered as argumentative subjects:

Education should be more technology-oriented.
Employers should provide free training of software to new employees.
All vehicles should be replaced by hybrid cars.
Solar energy can suffice all our needs.
Chips can control our minds.
The age of digital explosion is near.
Artificial intelligence is being progressed against nature.
Clones are not complete replacement of the original living organisms.
Use of laptops instead of desktop computers improves productivity.

You have the option of using these essay topics technology exactly as you see them here, or change them a bit. You can replace keywords to form more topics yourself. For example, you may decide to write an essay on censorship on Facebook in place of Twitter. Likewise, rather than talking about people’s slavery of technology, you can identify a particular form of technology e.g. smartphones. You can also change the word ‘Google’ with ‘Facebook’ and say that it shapes people’s opinions.

Want More Topics Like These? Use These Sources

If you want to review even more essay topics for technology, use the Internet. Your one click can take you to thousands of web-links with unique and interesting topics. Here are few links you can use to access them:

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